3 Days in Ottawa: Chasing Justin in Canada’s Capital

I will be honest. I am a Canadian, who had never been to Ottawa, my own nation’s capital. This was a hard truth that I did not love admitting while I was travelling the world, visiting other national capitals. I also really love making Americans feel bad when they don’t know what the capital of Canada is… Toronto? Hockey? Polar bears? So never having been to Ottawa, my own country’s capital city, was a dark little secret of mine. Until recently…

To be fair, Canada is massive. Hailing from Vancouver, on the West Coast, a trip to Ottawa is not something one takes on lightly. The flights are minimum $500 round trip (and that’s if there is a killer sale), and for a solid 6 months of the year the weather in Vancouver will beat out the weather in Ottawa hands down (it gets super cold in Ontario…). So why wouldn’t I take my $500 and fly somewhere warm? Or at least with yummy tacos.

Peace Tower parliament hill ottawa Canada city walking tour

Finally, in the summer of 2016, I visited Ottawa. Justin Trudeau had invited me over for beers and boche, so how could I not go?

No, that’s not true at all. But I was brought to Ottawa for training with the organization that was sending me to Jamaica. So the trip was paid for by the organization, which is funded by the Government of Canada, which is led by Justin Trudeau, so yeah, he basically invited me!

Luckily, my organization is awesome and let me be rather flexible with my flights so I could have a few days to explore. And let me tell you, Ottawa may be known as the most boring city in Canada, but there are a ton of cool things to see and do in day light hours! And I didn’t get to half of them.

An unforgettable 3 days in Ottawa during which I explored the government, the law, and Monarchy. And hoped to see Justin Trudeau. www.seehertravel.com

When I wasn’t in the training, I stayed at my long time friend Jamie’s house. Jamie is a delightful saint of a human being who I met in my first year of university. Jamie likes popcorn, riding bikes, drinking wine, and laughing at my jokes. I love Jamie. Jamie lives with Andrew, who cooks a mean steak and buys good beer. I like Andrew a lot.

Jamie and Andrew are functioning adults, so they had to go off to their day jobs, but luckily they have an extra bicycle. With a map of the city and my Justin radar turned on high, I peddled off to explore my nation’s capital.

East block of parliament ottawa canada top attractions in ottawa for tourists

Biking along the Rideau Canal

biking along the rideau canal ottawa

Jamie and Andrew live in Old Ottawa East right off the Rideau Canal. It was an easy hop onto the bike path along the canal that leads right into downtown Ottawa. The scenic Rideau Canal takes you through several small neighbourhoods and past the University of Ottawa (where Lindsay Manko got her degree!) as well as various small parks. There are also spots along the canal to drop kayaks and paddleboats into the canal, though the water isn’t too inviting for a quick dip.

There are several small points of interest along the way with public art displays as random as they come.

public art in ottawa walking tour where to go in ottawa in 3 days

Ottawa Tourist Kiosk

My first mission after surviving several dodgy moves on that bike was the Ottawa Tourism Kiosk located directly across from Parliament Hill. This is where you need to go to get the free Parliament Tours tickets for later in the day. These tickets often run out, as there are only so many tour groups, so it was best to get there early and snap mine up. I got a tour for noon, so I had a couple of hours to kill.

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piano man statue ottawa oscar peterson public art in ottawa

Visiting the Supreme Court of Canada

I made my way a couple of blocks down from Parliament Hill to the Supreme Court of Canada. I know next to nothing about law making (though a little bit about law breaking ;)), so I figured the free tour of the Supreme Court really couldn’t hurt my Canadian citizen scorecard.

Supreme court of canada ottawa walking tour where to visit in ottawa

The Supreme Court offers free tours throughout the day, times depending on the season, and the tour is only about 30 minutes long but really is worth it! The tour guides are all law students, so they actually know what they’re talking about and can make it sound interesting. They not only go through the history of the Court but also the role the Court plays in Canadian every day life. If court is in session, tours get to sit in. I was there in the summer, so all the judges were on vacay so it was pretty dead.

tours of the supreme court ottawa canada free tours in ottawa

The building itself is fascinating. Built in 1949, there are symbols of the law throughout, especially with two cloaked statues called Veritas (Truth) and Ivstitia (Justice) perched rather ominously at the front entrance.   Busts and paintings of old white guys are aplenty, as is impressively ornate wood paneling and very heavy furniture. I am always pleased by wood paneling, it makes me feel like going hunting.

what tours are free in ottawa? what should I see in ottawa free

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Famous Five Monument – Women are Persons Too!!!!

emily murphy nellie mcclung statues parliament hill ottawa best attractions in ottawa travel blog

After my brush with the law, I checked out a spot more dear to my heart, the Feminists!

In the year 2000, the Famous Five, a group of 5 absolutely amazing (and very #nasty) Canadian women, was erected to commemorate the Persons Case. The Persons Case was the movement and court case spearheaded by Emily Murphy who was supported by Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Nellie McClung to force the Government of Canada to recognize women as persons. This would mean that women could finally be appointed to the Senate. The Persons Case was a landmark case for women’s rights in Canada and these 5 women are true Canadian heroines.

So I had wanted to see this specific monument for a very long time (I may have owned two copies of the same Nellie McClung biography when I was in the 7th grade).

the tea party statue parliament ottawa famous 5 emily murphy statue

The monument, located on Parliament Hill, is a scene of the 5 women having a tea party. But with a twist. Of course, Emily Murphy is standing up holding a newspaper announcing the victory of the Persons Case and they are clearly rabblerousing!

I love this monument. I took a lot of pictures and silently said my Thank Yous to these amazing women.

Then a random dude came up and asked what it was all about. Emily Murphy? The Persons Case? Women’s Suffrage? Zero bells being rung. Ok buddy, lets chat…

famous five memorial parliament hill ottawa important things to see in ottawa

Tour Centre Block of Parliament Hill

Of course, another stamp on my Canadian passport is to visit Parliament Hill itself. The hallowed groups where the great leaders of Canadian politics have walked…Pierre Trudeau, William MacKenzie King, Wilfred Laurier, Stephen Harper- oh, I just gagged a little, scratch that last one.  But, this, this is where Justin works! 

parliament hill ottawa canada free tours in ottawa

Parliament Hill is the epicenter of Federal politics in Canada, where the magic happens if you will. The free-guided tours take the groups through the public entrance (and mucho security) and onwards to the Senate Chambers, the House of Commons and the Library.  

house of commons ottawa parliament building best places to visit in ottawa

parliamentary library centre blog tour top ottawa attractions

The group also gets the chance to go up the Peace Tower, which gives a fantastic view of Ottawa from above.   At the top, you try to count the number of Canadian flags you can see from the Peace Tower, which would clearly be a task they would do on the Amazing Race.  My number was never correct.  I would have been eliminated from the Race. 

view from the peace tower tour of parliament hill ottawa travel blog

Rideau Hall Tour

My mom Sue has been travelling to Ottawa to volunteer for a youth program for a while now.  And she has always said how interesting she finds Rideau Hall.  

First question: Is that where Justin lives? No. Well, right now, kind of…

Since 1867, Rideau Hall has been the official residence of the Governor-General, who is the Queen’s representative in Canada. Yes that’s right, Canada is part of the Commonwealth and therefore in the most technical sense of the word, the Queen is our actual Head of State. 

The Governor-General is appointed by the Queen, and they red-stamp all federal laws and budgets and all that jazz.  In practice the Governor-General is an awesome person with diplomatic immunity and make public appearances on all major holidays. Rideau Hall is their home. 

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Rideau Hall Ottawa things to do in ottawa in 3 days travel blog

Interestingly, as the Queen is the official head of state, and Rideau Hall is officially the Queen’s residence, this is where the Royal family and foreign heads of state stay when they are in town on official biz.  Except the American President, they always crash in the massive prison-like Embassy.  

So all in all, Rideau Hall is a big ornate mansion/guesthouse, fit for a queen.

Free tours run through Rideau Hall a few times a day, so I got myself onto one of them after walking around the beautiful gardens a bit. The tour guide, a young political science nerd, was full of information and anecdotes about the construction of the house and the interesting people who had filtered through.  I found this tour very fascinating, as again, I know far too little about Canadian government and how it all works.  My high school social studies teachers would be appalled. 

A fun fact I do know is that Rideau Hall is actually the residence of Justin and Sophie at this moment.  The formal Prime Minister’s residence, 24 Sussex Drive, has fallen into a major state of disrepair, and the argument to spend millions to reno it or just assign a new residence is on simmer.  It’s a real Fix’er Upper lets just say. As such, Justin and Sophie are living in some sort of guest house in the back of the Rideau Hall property.  Don’t feel too bad for them, I’m sure the house is just fine! 

National art gallery ottawa canada places to visit in ottawa

3 Days in Ottawa

In between it all, I was lucky enough to spend time with Jamie and Andrew, as well as my friend from grad school Cara. Jamie and Andrew drove me out to Gatineau one night, so I can officially say I have been to Quebec!  We ate pasta and watched the sunset from the top of Gatineau Park.  We drove along Meech Lake and spied where we think Justin’s summer ‘cottage’ is.  We discussed how handsome Justin is. 

terry fox statue ottawa things to see in ottawa ontario where to visit in ottawa

I ate fantastic food in Ottawa.

I was there in the summer so I had superb weather. Actually it was broiling, but compared to how cold it gets there in the winter, I was totally cool with the heat of June! 

sunset from gatineau park quebec lake meech

 I missed a lot of Ottawa attractions, like every single museum and art gallery.  I hear the National Mint is very good. But come on, there was only so much a gal could do in that heat! 

I also made a decision that my long term plan for life is to become a Senator.  Canadian Senators have great jobs and lifetime pensions for doing relativly little. I like that idea.  And now that Justin had changed the Senate appointment procedure, well I think I would bring a little je ne sais pas to the Centre Block.  So Justin, if you’re reading….

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An unforgettable 3 days in Ottawa during which See Her Travel explored the government, the law, and the monarchy. And hoped to see Justin Trudeau.

4 thoughts on “3 Days in Ottawa: Chasing Justin in Canada’s Capital

  1. Hi Emily,

    That was so nice of Justin 😉

    Canada amazes me because slowly, and surely, I am finding out it is more than Niagara Falls LOL. Seriously, it is huge and chock full of countless beautiful places to see and fun things to do. From Ottawa to British Columbia, across the entire place, your country is epic in every way. I have seen the Falls only – which was amazing – but tend toward offering over 500 smackers to go somewhere warm, for tacos like yourself.

    Or, like the 400-500 we just paid for plane tix to our upcoming Qatar trip – woohoo! – we may pick spots that seem so wealthy that the style of living suits a caricature perfectly. Looking forward to this one immensely.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan,

      You absolutely have to get to Canada more! I’m from Vancouver, so I love love love the West Coast, there are just so many opportunities for exploration in Canada, it is pretty big after all. The cost of those flights across the country are killer, I’ve dreamed of doing a cross Canada roadtrip forever, it’ still on my list, but I guess I need a car!

      Very jealous of your upcoming adventure to Qatar, what a fascinating place to be for a bit. And cheap flights never hurt!


  2. Hi Emily, just want to say Thank you for sharing your travel tips. This post looks amazing! Especially the photos, really love it! Have you been to Canadian War Museum while you were in Ottawa? I heard it is good but not so many posts talked about it. Can you provide some comments? Thanks.

    1. Hi Hughson,

      Thanks so much for the great feedback. I loved my few days in Ottawa, what a great city! I didn’t make it to the War Museum, just not enoguh time, though I have heard very wonderful things about it! Will have to check it out next time!


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