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Hi! I’m Emily, Welcome to my Travel Blog!

My name is Emily Kydd and I am the blogger behind See Her Travel.  Hailing from Vancouver Canada, I have always had an uncontrollable case of wanderlust, and through this blog I connect my audience with the world! I love to run trails, scuba dive oceans, trek mountains, road trip countries, lay on beaches, jump off of high things,  laugh with friends and end the day with a cold beer in front of a sunset! 

My storytelling style paints a robust experiential picture for the reader to become both informed and entertained!  With a mixture of personal travel tales as well as practical know-how and advice from 10+ years of international travel experience, See Her Travel is a unique brand of comedic informative travel storytelling as my core belief is that travel writing should reflect what travel should be: entertaining, eye-opening, and awe-inspiring.

Emily Kydd travel writer and blogger

What is See Her Travel?

See Her Travel is a blog devoted to ‘Intrepid Travel for Fearless Females’ who seek to experience this world to it’s fullest by exploring off the beaten path places, getting outside and appreciating our incredible environments, and always picking adventure over the couch. I believe that this life is made better when everyone, and women especially, experience lives outside of their own and learn about the wider world around them.

I explore the world as an outgoing, adventurous solo, budget conscious female, always looking to get away from the crowds and experience different cultures from a grassroots perspective. Never completely planned, often complete misadventures, I wholeheartedly believe that travel should be fun and slightly uncomfortable, making humorous tales for the reader to follow.

Created in 2015, See Her Travel holds over 70 blog posts from diverse destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, St. Lucia, Myanmar, Cuba and beyond.  As a travel blogger, I write openly,  honestly and humorously about my experiences (the good, the bad and the embarrassing!) and I have built this blog with a priority on great content that is useful to my loyal audience. This blog appeals to a wide range of travellers seeking to escape to the unknown. 

To begin a partnership with See Her Travel, please contact: emily @

Peak Lenin Region, Pamir mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Target Demographic

See Her Travel appeals to all independent travellers looking to explore this adventurous world.  I aim at providing excellent and entertaining travel writing to appeal and to inform all, with particular focus on ‘Intrepid Travel for Fearless Females’.

This blog’s primary audience hails from Canada and the United States.


How Can We Work Together?

Sponsored Blog Coverage: See Her Travel will provide full coverage of your experience, brand or product (e.g. sponsored trips to your destination, sponsored product reviews, sponsored posts etc.) on this platform. Full coverage includes a blog posting of at least 1000 words long, social media exposure and original multimedia content.  All new blog posts are automatically sent to our subscriber list.  Your experience, product, or brand will be integrated in the existing framework of the See Her Travel blog and featured on the front page for an agreed upon length of time. 

Social Media Exposure: Social media exposure is a crucial facet to todays travel world.  See Her Travel has an active social media following and can offer sponsored exposure on a variety of platforms. 

Travel and Product Reviews: After 15 years of travelling this world, my experience lends itself perfectly to reviewing your brand or product.  I am available for sponsored stays for the purpose of reviewing hotels, attractions, tours, or restaurants, as well as trials of travel gear and outdoors equipment for reviewing and promotion purposes. 

Brand Ambassadorship: Looking for a new face for your outdoors or travel brand? I know from experience how important quality gear is.  I am eager to assist brands build their exposure and promote great products that make adventure travel even better. 

Freelance writing and consultation: See Her Travel is a platform for travel storytelling. I am very eager to partner with print and digital platforms to spread the joy of travel using our unique and engaging travel writing style.

Email Marketing: Email is one of the best ways to get your brand straight into the inbox of a targeted travel audience and a wonderful was we can work together.  

Collaborative and Guest Posts: See Her Travel is an active member of the international travel blogging community and has been published on many other sites as a guest blogger or in a collaborative post.  See the list of recent guest posts and collaborations on other sites and if you are interested in See Her Travel appearing on your site, Contact Me for further discussion.

To begin a partnership with See Her Travel, please contact: emily @