My Bucket List

I have always thought it is very important to have big dreams, big goals, and always be looking to some new adventure. Hence, the Bucket List.  I wrote mine out a few years ago and it is always growing, especially with places to see around this great world. Not all items are about travel, and not all items are huge adventures.  Some are simply things I think are cool and awesome stories after the fact.  Because I love telling an awesome story. So I would love to share mine with you! Each experience has a story, some can be found in this here blog even! 

Swim in all 4 oceans (still need the Arctic, brrr)

See 7 Wonders of the World (Have seen Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal!)

Walk on a glacier

Climb KilimanjaroRiding Romeo in Pushkar, India

Take the Ferry across the Channel

Cook full Christmas/Thanksgiving Dinner (in Kyrgyzstan no less!)

Go dogsledding

Take my mom on a trip

Assist in a birth

Ride a camel (in Pushkar India)

Drive across Canada

Walk a tightrope

Get Married

Play Craps

Shave my head

Join the Peace Corps (Kyrgyzstan, 2014-2016)Swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan

Witness a miracle (It’s a secret…)

Die the Red Sea

Be on MTV

Hike the Inca Trail (Peru, 2014)

Host a fundraising Gala

Hike to Everest Base Camp

Live without electricity

Go to the Oscars

New York New Years

Meet royalty

Hike the West Coast Trail (June 2016!!!)

Swim with dolphins

Feed a whale

Drive a HummerAt the top, The Inca Trail, Cusco, Peru

Party on a yacht

Go on a sailing trip

Dance on a bar (When don’t I?)

Fly an airplane

See my name in lights

Go to bottom of Grand Canyon

Feed an alligator

Reno a house

Go Paragliding (Pokhara, Nepal 2014)


Be a Red Cross Relief Worker

Have my own website (You’re on it!!!)

Pay for Someone’s school tuition

Read Top 100 Novels of All Time (I’m at 65!)

Watch Top 100 Films of All time (American Film Institute Top 100 Films)

Give to Charity every year

Participate with Habitat

Move to a city where I know nobody (Suva Fiji, 2011)Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

Meet the Dalai Lama

Sleep in an igloo

Go to a masquerade ball

Sleep in a penthouse in Vegas

Learn Spanish

Help someones dream come true

Go to Burning Man

Go to the Love Parade

Ride a Bull

Officiate a friends wedding (Several couples have actually discussed letting this happen…I’m still hoping!)

Win a jackpot

Ride in a helicopter

Spend a week in silence

Publish a book

Compete in a roller derby

Be on a reality show

Run a marathon

Go dune-buggying (Oregon Coast, 2012)

Go in a hot air balloon (Bagan, Burma, 2015…[intlink id=”863″ type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink])

Do a shot with Conan O’BrienFlying high in a balloon, Bagan, Burma

Cheer Someone up!

Get my motorcycle license

Go in a Dakar Challenge 

Learn a martial art

Sing in a choir

Have an action figure of myself

Go to Wimbledon with my Dad

Watch a child grow up

Be on a parade float (2010 Vancouver Pride Parade!!!!)

Become a dive master

Go to Tomatina in Barcelona

Live on a boat

Go to Mardi GrasMy Masters Convocation Day!

Get a Master’s Degree (from Royal Roads University, 2012)

Have a celebrity sign my cleavage

Adopt a pet

Go on a motorcycle trip

Catch a fish

Go to Carnaval in Rio

Go through the Panama Canal

  1. What is on your Bucket List??? Mine just gets keeping longer…
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  1. Dune Buggying with Mom on the Oregon Coast, I drove!