Jamaica Packing List: 8 Must Have Items for Your Beach Holiday!

Having just returned from 10 months in the Caribbean, I’m coming across all kinds of amazing products I wish I had while in Jamaica. For most travellers, the beaches of Jamaica are the island’s biggest draw. From the black sandy beaches of the South Coast to the rocky cliffs of Negril’s West End to the perfect white stretches of sand along the North. It’s hard to not love the Jamaican coast line! But of course, there are some nifty items to make that beach getaway in Jamaica more enjoyable and easier, none of which will take up much room in your suitcase! So take it from a beach connoisseur, and make your time in the sun count.

Beach packing list 8 must have items for jamaica beach holiday

Beach Towel Clips from Cliptastic Solutions

These handmade, specialty beach towel clips were designed with the practical purpose of keeping your towel or sarong in it’s rightful place on your chair.  We’ve all been there: you drape a towel over the back of your lounger, you get up and go for a dip, and you come back and that towel has flown a mile away.  These adjustable clips are used to secure your towel around the back of any chair, be it poolside, on the boat, or simply on your oceanfront balcony,  to save it from the wind or from just falling down you as you squirm around. 

But that’s not all: the clips can be used for all kinds of things: hanging your towel off your umbrella, securing your drying towels or bathing suits on the balcony railing, or even hanging a blanket up as a sun guard to beat the UV rays. They come in tons of different colours and designs ( I love my Breast Cancer Awareness one!). I have used these clips since coming home, and I really wish I had them when I was in Jamaica!

best items for the beach in jamaica what should I pack for jamaica?

packing list for a beach holiday in Jamaica travel blog

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Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

I always listened to tunes on the Jamaican beach, and I have also broken my fair share of headphones by getting them wet.  It just happens! I also have gotten some funky tan lines from the cord, so how about we skip all of that and go for a pair of waterproof, bluetooth, cordless headphones? Agreed? Cool!

These Senso headphones are all of the above, and can double for your workout headphones since waterproof also equals sweat-proof.  And yes, some of us sweat a lot. 

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Beach Towel with Secret Compartments

One of the drawbacks of hitting the beach solo is that you never feel totally comfortable leaving your gear while you go into the water, or to grab another beer at the bar. This towel is more than meets the eye.  Not only does it have a built in pillow (that can be taken out for cleaning) but it has a water resistant, zip up pocket on one side to store your valuables as well as a camouflaged pocket with a touch screen cover to store your phone.  This pocket is also waterproof, and because of the transparent cover, you can use your phone without touching it and exposing it to your wet sandy hands!

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Waterproof Phone Case

Speaking of keeping your phone dry, who hasn’t destroyed a valuable piece of equipment by getting it wet? I know it can’t just be me. Your smart phone costs a lot of money, and is obviously very delicate when it comes to water damage.  But you also want to use it to take awesome pictures in the water, what a conundrum…

A waterproof case like this one by Firstbuy not only protects your phone, but allows you to use it while you’re frolicking in the waves. Though don’t take an underwater picture of your BFF while she’s snorkeling, those never turn out flattering. 

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Full Face Snorkel Mask

Speaking of snorkeling, anyone who loves the ocean wants to see what is below the surface.  Some brilliant person has recently moved past the traditional mask and snorkel to create the full face snorkel mask.  These are pretty awesome as they give a wider field of vision and you’re not biting down on a snorkel, you can breathe naturally through either your nose or your mouth! 

But what about fog? As a scuba diver, I know that a fogged mask is no good, but these masks have been designed to keep your air flow and your visual areas separate.  Clearly a snorkel lover created this!  There are lots of good snorkeling spots in Jamaica and you will definitely be envious if you see someone with one of these.

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Sunglass Reading Bifocals

Before you say, but hey Emily aren’t you extremely youthful, why would you need reading glasses? Ok, first off; thanks for the compliment, I am very young indeed. Secondly, I asked my Mom what was something she wished she had on the beach, and this is what she said.  And she’s right, sunglass reading glasses make a ton of sense!  And knowing my horrible vision genetics (Thanks Mom!) I will need these sooner rather than later.

Reading is the ultimate beach pass time, but if you can’t see the words, or if that Jamaican sun is too bright, you’re hooped! There are lots of reading sunglasses out there, but these Gamma bifocals mean you’re not switching back and forth constantly.  Plus, these actually look pretty cool! Win!

reading glasses for the beach must have's for the beach trip

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Insulated Snack Pack and Water Bottle

The beach is hot and sunny, that’s why we love it!  But we also want our snacks and our bevvies to stay cool, a tepid cervesa is no bueno. But who wants to carry a big cooler to Jamaica?

Instead go light, especially when you’re travelling and you have baggage restrictions.  Neoprene washes well and is a great insulator (that is why scuba suits are made of neoprene!), so these insulated bags are perfect at repelling both the heat and the sand.

what to pack for a beach holiday in jamaica travel blog packing list

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Croc’s Water Sandals

I love anything that Croc’s makes.  Just ask my best friend Lindsay after I wore my pink Croc’s all over Southeast Asia for six months.  Between the beaches, reefs, and waterfalls, you will definitely want a good pair of water shoes for your trip to Jamaica.

Croc’s makes these water sandals with a solid grip sole, mesh cover, and great support that will protect your feet and give your arches the love they need. Plus, then you won’t stub your toes too bad when you are stumbling around in waterfalls like I did.

best items for the beach what to pack for a trip to jamaica

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A packing list of 8 must have's for a beach holiday in Jamaica, because any day on the beach is better with some very simple gadgets. Don't forget your waterproof phone cases, beach towels and clips, and the new full face snorkel mask!

2 thoughts on “Jamaica Packing List: 8 Must Have Items for Your Beach Holiday!

  1. Hi Emily,

    Super list! The towel clips would be a God-send. Always looking for spots to hang towels after a day at the beach. Racks do not cut it sometimes. Especially in windy or sandy and windy conditions when stuff gets blown over and dirty. The snack pack is brilliant as are the reading glasses. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan,

      It’s always the simplest things that change everything! I have lost the same sarong over the balcony twice while trying to dry it, once I got back it back (eventually) the other time, nope! But I do love my beach gadgets!

      Happy summer to you,


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