3 Things to Remember When Booking Business Travel if You’re a PA

When you’re a PA or administrative professional, your primary responsibility is to make the businesses executives’ lives easier. Even though this is something you can keep on top of on a day-to-day basis, it does get much more complicated when it comes to business travel. 

Therefore, we’ve put together some handy tips for booking corporate travel with ease:

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1. Create Business Travel Templates and Checklists

To make the process of travel planning much easier, consider putting together some templates and checklists that you can use each time. This won’t just make the process much easier for you, but will also ensure you don’t forget any of those all-important travel details.

Some of these documents might include a traveller profile form, which contains all of the essential information for each traveller, e.g. their passport details, contact information (for home and work) and any other important aspects, such as medical requirements. You could also include a checklist for planning travel arrangements, including booking hotels, taxis, transfers and so on. And an itinerary template for all of your executives’ travel details.

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2. Establish a Relationship with an Business Travel Agent

When it comes to making reservations, booking trips and organizing all the finer details, corporate travel experts like Statesman Travel Limited are a PA’s best friend. They take a lot of the hassle out of the organization and can save you plenty of money in the process too. As they’re specialists in this area, they know how to get the best deals and where the best places are to stay.

They also have access to operators, promotions and tickets that might not be available online. And with their expert knowledge, you know your executives’ are travelling in the best possible way, especially if you’re not familiar with where they’re travelling to yourself.

3. Prepare Your Business Executive Before They Travel

Before your executive embarks on their trip you can make sure they’re prepared by running through their itinerary with them. It’s also worth creating a travel document for them, which includes a copy of their travel details, receipts, boarding passes and so on. Send a copy with them, keep a copy yourself, and have one saved on a cloud based drive for easy electronic access.

They might also find it beneficial if you create them a checklist of what they need to take on their business trip, including chargers, adaptors, batteries, business cards, electrical equipment and other essentials. To find out what works best for them, have a meeting to discuss their requirements beforehand, and don’t forget to update them on the currencies, languages and etiquette of the country they’re travelling to, too. You may also want to contact their accommodation and see what is provided at the hotel (many hotels provide toiletries, blow dryers, etc) for lighter packing. 

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Business travel is a fact for many professionals, but for the PA who is planning it could be overwhelming. Here are 3 tips to help you out while you figure out the best way to book business travel

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