8 Impressive Nature Parks You Can Visit Around Christchurch New Zealand

Dreaming of travelling to New Zealand one day? It’s possible! These days, you can travel anywhere you want as long as you have a sufficient fund and all the documents needed to enter a certain country. If you want your travel goals to come into reality, don’t just stare at online pictures and save money to fulfill your dream destination.

New Zealand is not as popular as other travel destinations out there. But it has its own tons of amazing attractions and activities for everyone perfect for short or long term vacation. One of its lovely cities is Christchurch. It is an ideal place to spend your vacation since it offers exhilarating outdoor activities, fantastic scenery, and world-class tourist spots. A word to the wise- book a car before arrival to choose your preferred car and save money.

8 Impressive Nature Parks You Can Visit Around Christchurch

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Known as the Garden City, Christchurch is home to pristine beaches, top restaurants, bars, and cafes, and of course, marvelous gardens. However, because of the proximity of these places and your need to visit most of them in a short period of time, a car hire in Christchurch would be your best source of transport. This is a convenient and safe way to discover Christchurch and explore many astounding places around. Booking one is easy, so you won’t have troubles securing one for your travel.

Now, ready to explore this New Zealand city? Here are some fascinating nature parks you can visit around Christchurch:

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Loosen up at one of Christchurch’s pride, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. It was founded in 1863 and just started from an English oak that was planted in commemoration of Princess Alexandra and Prince Albert of Denmark’s marriage. Since then, the gardens have thrived and became one of the go-to spots for every tourist from across the globe. Aside from strolling around, you can also do a lot of things, such as going on a picnic, biking, and jogging.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Bottle Lake Forest Park

Enjoy a great day with your family or friends at Bottle Lake Forest Park. Situated at about 10 kilometers northeast of central Christchurch, this astonishing pine forest is ideal for some outdoor activities, including horse trekking and biking. In fact, in the early 1900s, it was developed as a farm and was expanded to a coastal protection plantings. Today, it houses a great number of pinus radiata and its size is four times the size of Hagley Park.

Halswell Quarry

Walk around the gorgeous Halswell Quarry for a relaxing day with your loved ones. This unique park consists of various historic sites, recreational walks, botanical collections, and six sister-city gardens. You can do so much while here as well, such as biking, walking, horseback riding, and running. Your visit will definitely be fun and full of adventures.

Hagley Park

Since 1850’s Hagley Park has been frequented by many locals and tourists making it Christchurch’s main open-air leisure facility. With 407 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers, Hagley Park is considered as the largest park in the city. Some of the parts of the park that you need to check out are the South Hagley Park, the Botanic Gardens, and the Canterbury Museum. If you are lucky, you can watch an outdoor concert, competition or festival during your visit to this charming park.

Hagley park christchurch photos

Millbrook Reserve

Just adjacent to Hagley Park is Millbrook Reserve, and is the nearest park to the center of the city. Because of its proximity to the central city, this park has been the go to place for picnics, weddings, photography, and leisurely walks. Be in love with the parks landscaped lawns, lined with a bedding of flowers like azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. You can also find two of Christchurch’s tallest trees.

Riccarton Bush

Eager to see 600-year-old kahikatea trees? Then head on to Riccarton Bush to gaze on this marvelous trees endemic to New Zealand. These longstanding trees are said to be remnants of a forest after a series of flood some 3000 years ago, so you’ll be lucky to see them deeply rooted on this garden. Take a tranquil walk around the grove of trees, with your family or significant other, and enjoy the peace of being in one with nature. There are also guided tours that would help you appreciate the native forest better.

Mona Vale

Another historic garden, this 5.5 hectares of landscaped garden in Riccarton is filled with conifers, maples, and camellias. Flowering plants like roses, irises and other perennials are peppered around the garden making it colorful and alive. The peaceful location on Mona Vale is perfect for couples looking for a romantic time together or families that want a quality time together.

Mona Vale NZ best parks in christchurch

Abberley Park

Usually the best parks to visit are those small community park just around the corner and Abberley Park is a testament to that. Started as a private garden, this relaxing park now has walkways, fountains, paddling pool, and a children’s playground that is perfect for the whole family.

Best Parks in Christchurch NZ!

Certainly, Christchurch is a wonderful travel destination that you need to add to your bucket list. Although it might be off the beaten track, this charming city has numerous things in store for visitors of all ages. Simply check out these attractions mentioned above in order to be closer to nature.

Sometimes, all you need is a breath of fresh air and you are fine. So, never let an opportunity pass up when you visit Christchurch, New Zealand to release all your stress and anxiety in life.


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