Benefits of Using A.I.D.A Virtual Payments for Business Travel Expenses

Does your business find it difficult to manage and keep up with travel expenses? Whether you frequently need to fly to meet clients abroad, or your employees need to attend regular out-of-office meetings throughout the UK, the costs of travel can soon add up. For many small businesses, it can be a constant struggle trying to keep up with and afford the costs of travel. However, there is help available and A.I.D.A virtual payments is one thing that can make handling your business travel expenses easier and more affordable.

benefits of AIDA virtual payments
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What are A.I.D.A virtual payments?

A.I.D.A virtual payments are supplied by Airplus International. They’re designed to boost the limit of the Airplus business account, ensuring you and your employees will always be able to pay for travel expenses, regardless of current cashflow.

The payments are designed to be both safe and secure, and they work in the form of a virtual credit card. You’re provided with a unique MasterCard number which can either be used just once, or for a set number of transactions. The number is then deactivated according with the spending parameters you have set up.

All of the payments are charged onto your Airplus company account so you can see exactly what’s been spent. This also allows you to look at ways to potentially save costs along the way and helps to make managing your travel expenses much easier.

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The benefits of virtual payment cards

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We’ve already established that virtual payment cards can make managing your travel expenses easier. However, they do so much more than that.

By using a virtual payment card system like A.I.D.A, it can also help to protect you against fraud. According to statistics, almost two thirds of companies became the target of payment fraud in 2014. No business wants to consider the fact their employees could be taking advantage, but it sadly can and does happen. A virtual payment system makes it more difficult for people to take advantage of your company finances.

The fact all payments are captured onto your account also helps you to gain much better insights than you would with a standard card. There’s a lot of different data you can choose to include in your reports, allowing you to track whatever you want/need to.

Overall, virtual payment cards such as the A.I.D.A card, can make a significant difference to how you manage your travel expenses. It’s convenient, safe, secure and affordable. So, why not look into whether virtual payments could benefit your business today?

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Travel and Finance don't always go well together! Make it easier on yourself and use A.I.D.A. virtual payments! A.I.D.A virtual payments can make handling your business travel expenses easier, safer and more affordable

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