The 4 Best Airport Lounges at London’s Heathrow Airport

Considering the fact that airline travel usually means spending countless hours waiting in airport lounges, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find comfortable amenities. Since for me that more often than not means a solid lounge or bar! And London’s Heathrow Airport is definitely leading the pack when it comes to airport luxury! This is for sure the kind of place I can chill for one of my epically lengthy layovers! (My record layover is 14 hours in LAX #longestdayofmylife)

Often, more and better amenities are signifiers that business and first class travel is thriving in that particular hub. Furthermore, lounges are timely additions to major airports that have a particularly high volume of passengers, day in and day out. Two examples of these amenities in London’s Heathrow Airport are convenient parking and phenomenal lounges!

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The need to attract and accommodate customers, as well as keep pace with an overly competitive market, are just some of the reasons why top international airports like Heathrow put a premium on lounges, according to journalist John Walton.

It’s also worth considering that the West London landing field welcomed 75.7 million airline passengers in 2016, by far the busiest airport in the UK. Its state of the art facilities means that Heathrow has invested heavily in making it easily accessible for flyers such as parking.

Parking4Less lists some of the parking provisions at Heathrow to make a traveller’s journey less stressful including valet parking which is ideal for flyers who have lots of luggage. Additionally, these parking lots are conveniently placed near the terminals so that flyers don’t have far too travel to wait for their flights. These are just some of the reasons why Heathrow is considered one of the most impressive airports in the world.

But back to airport luxury! Heathrow Airport places the utmost importance on airline lounges in each of its four main terminals – except Terminal 1. So let us have a look at some of the best places to relax, inside this major international aviation hub.

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The Aspire Lounge and Spa at Heathrow Terminal 5

Aspire lounge in heathrow airport best lounges in heathrow
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The Aspire Lounge and Spa opened at Heathrow Terminal 5 in August 2015. It is a joint venture between Swissport and Collinson Group, making it the first, and only, independent third party airport lounge in the vicinity. Inside this cozy 370-square metre lounge, passengers can revel in aesthetically unique amenities namely modern bars, comfortable seats, and relaxing spa treatments. Best of all, it has floor-to-ceiling windows that have spectacular runway views.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 4

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Also established in 2015, the Plaza Premium Lounge is a one-of-a-kind facility situated near Heathrow Terminal 4’s Gate 1. Aside from the basic features, this airport lounge has showers, bars, and cooking stations. And for those who need to catch up on some unfinished tasks – whether for work or leisure – the Plaza Premium Lounge offers productivity pods.

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow Terminal 3

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Virgin Atlantic’s flagship lounge at the Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport is deemed by industry experts as one of its kind. As a matter of fact, Airline Quality ranks it fourth in the Top 10 Business Class Airline Lounges of 2016. This spacious, 2,500-square-metre room captures Sir Richard Branson’s taste of distinctiveness  in a funky yet comfortable design style. Some of the most well-liked features are complimentary spa and salon treatments, a library, and pool tables just to name a few. Bring it on Branson!

The United Lounges at Heathrow Terminal 2

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If Terminal 3 has Virgin Atlantic’s, Terminal 2 has the United Lounges. Highlighting a combined area of a little over 2,000 square metres, this facility puts comfort and luxury above everything. It offers guests a 25-seat long bar that has unlimited drinks, as well as self-service buffet areas. For first class travellers, the United Lounges’ Global First area presents a more intimate setting. Complete with a tea lounge, a wine room, and an a la carte dining area it has everything!

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Waiting is a part of travel life, but Heathrow Airport is home to 4 of the best airport lounges in the world for your rest and relaxation!

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  1. Hi Emily,

    Ya GOTTA find a comfy spot during layovers, I hear ya sister! You have some winners here. If I do not lounge lizard it in a lounge I find the most quiet, peaceful, cushy space in bigger airports and either pass out or write my next blog post. I find these spots in different places at different airports; lounges, or sometimes, little waiting areas before getting on the plane that are not currently in use aka servicing passengers. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hey Ryan, So many nights and long hours spent in airports, you need that rest. Especially for me, the obsessive traveller who can’t sleep on airplanes, classic!


  2. So interesting. Heathrow has changed a lot since we were there. How much does one have to pay to use the first few lounges you mentioned?

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