trekking in Kyrgyzstan Peak Lenin

What do we believe? See Her Travel is site devoted to the worship of independent travel. Our core belief is that travel writing should reflect what travel should be, entertaining, eye-opening, and awe-inspiring. See Her Travel explores the world as an outgoing, adventurous solo, budget conscious female, always looking to get away from the crowds and experience different cultures from a grassroots perspective. Never completely planned, often complete misadventures, travel should be fun and slightly uncomfortable, making humorous tales for the reader to follow.

See Her Travel offers our readers a new appreciation for diverse parts of the world and after a visit, guests will have enjoyed their experience joining our adventure.  We offer travel tips, destination information, location planning, and advice on budget travel, volunteering abroad, living overseas, and enjoying the most this world has to offer.  With a mixture of personal travel tales as well as practical know-how and advice from 10+ years of international travel experience, See Her Travel is a unique brand of comedic informative travel storytelling.

See Her Travel encourages sponsorship, partnerships, advertising and consulting work, as well as brand reviews and freelance storytelling. We seek to work with partners who believe that fulfilling travel experiences are essential and who appreciate the lighter sides of life. Contact us for further information and to discuss a partnership with See Her Travel. 

Peak Lenin Region, Pamir mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Who is See Her Travel?

See Her Travel was founded by Canadian solo female traveller Emily Kydd, a born adventurer with an uncontrollable wanderlust.  Emily started blogging over 10 years ago to satisfy her friends and family back home while she was in South East Asia, and this blog has evolved from there. Emily’s travel style and writing style are the same: fun, engaging, humorous, quirky, and always full of surprises.  Emily has written from vast destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nepal and Cuba, and she is always looking for the next frontier. Emily Kydd travel writer and blogger

Our Target Demographic

See Her Travel is written from the perspective of a solo female traveller on a budget, though we appeal to a wide range of independent travellers including families, couples, and adventurers of all ages, as well as those who just love to read about obscure parts of the world.  We aim at providing excellent and entertaining travel writing to appeal and to inform all. 

Our audience is primarily from Canada and the United States, though with niche focus countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar, See Her Travel has diverse visitors from all over the globe.


Available Partnership Opportunities

Sponsored Blog Coverage: See Her Travel will provide full coverage of your experience, brand or product (e.g. sponsored trips to your destination, sponsored product reviews, sponsored posts etc.) on this platform. Full coverage includes a blog posting of at least 1000 words long, social media exposure and original multimedia content.  All new blog posts are automatically sent to our subscriber list.  Your experience, product, or brand will be integrated in the existing framework of the See Her Travel blog and featured on the front page for an agreed upon length of time. 

Social Media: Social media exposure is a crucial facet to todays travel world.  See Her Travel has an active social media following and can offer sponsored post opportunities on a variety of platforms. 

Freelance writing: See Her Travel is at it’s core a platform for travel storytelling. We are very eager to partner with print and digital platforms to spread the joy of travel using our unique and engaging travel writing style.

Collaborative and Guest Posts: See Her Travel is an active member of the international travel blogging community and has been published on many other sites as a guest blogger or in a collaborative post.  See the list of recent collaborations on other sites and if you are interested in See Her Travel appearing on your site, Contact Us for further discussion.

Social Media Statistics

Instagram: 26.2K Followers with a 3.5% engagement rate. Excellent usage of hashtag research to ensure that each post reaches its target audience. 

Twitter: 5.1K Followers with a monthly average of 53K Tweet impressions.  Meditated use of hashtags, prime time scheduling and direct tweets to increase exposure of content and direct new visitors to site.

Pinterest: 10.5K Followers. Active participant in the Pinterest Travel community with an increasing rate of repins, likes, and board follows. 

Facebook: 800 Followers with an average post reach of 300.  Regular updates from Blog and Instagram to ensure audience remains engaged and seeks more content on the website. 

(current as of March 17, 2016)

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